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Foto Artis Agnes Monica

Foto Artis Agnes Monica (born in Jakarta, July 1, 1986; age 24 years) is a singer, dancer, and actress of Indonesia. He is the only Foto Artis Agnes Monica singer in Indonesia who has his own dance group named, Nezindahood, which always appeared on stage with Agnes. and has his own band called NEZinsenceBAND. Her album ".. and Story Goes" (2003) made it popular as a teenage Foto Artis Agnes Monica singer [1]. This is a big success in Indonesia with the singles "Say Only", "Get Up" and "Love is Dead", "beautiful". This album sold Foto Artis Agnes Monica 30.000 copies in just three days and finally got the double platinum. In 2005 he released his second album "Whaddup A.'?.!
Foto Artis Agnes Monica with the hit single, "No Logic" Sold 50 000 copies in 10 days and received triple Foto Artis Agnes Monica platinum (with no album promotion in Malaysia) and also jump-start a few hits "is not yours anymore", "without my beloved", the love end of the road "," and not possible ". and the current third studio album was" sacredly Agnezious ";Foto Artis Agnes Monica it features the hit single, Continue [2]. his greatest hits so far are" Matahariku ".