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Foto Artis Bella Saphira Bugil

Foto Artis Bella Saphira Bugil The full name of Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjuntak. In Italian, Bella means beautiful, Foto Artis Bella Saphira Bugil while Saphira dijumput of sapphires. Perhaps Omanya in Medan, which is contributing to give the name, not realizing that sapphires were the symbol for people born in September, not August like himself. Which also bears her name, making him familiar with the call of Ica during kindergarten.Foto Artis Bella Saphira Bugil
Despite initial aspirations to be an architect,Foto Artis Bella Saphira Bugil an open road to Bella became famous. In 1988, Bella was selected as a finalist GIRL Cover. Bids appeared to be a model for advertisements for various products.

Foto Artis Bella Saphira Bugil While pursuing a career in modeling, Bella continued her studies at the University of Trisakti, up to a Bachelor degree in Economics in 1995. Achievement that opens a golden opportunity when Bella was elected as the Star Lux Favorited people's choice.Foto Artis Bella Saphira Bugil From where is known that Bella was also good at singing. Looking back, Bella never earned a finalist Voice of Asia in 1991. Approximately four years ago, Bella was also never released the album "Nostalgia SMA" which unfortunately was less successful album sales.
Foto Artis Bella Saphira Bugil As the title sinetronnya, Lady Luck, luck for luck and then often went to Bella who is accustomed to working hard. Bid advertisements, playing soap operas, MC, sing and even come